Umbra - Headquarters

Umbra, the manufacturer and designer of avant-garde consumer products, wanted an equally artful and resourceful Construction Manager for the construction of their new headquarters. The project was to convert a thirty year old industrial building into an innovative and functional space for their offices, design studios, showrooms, assembly and distribution activities.

Size: 110,000 S.F.
Completion: November 1999

The remarkable exterior cladding is the most striking element of this renovation. The concept of the architect was to clad the existing building with translucent plastic panels reminiscent of the polypropylene that Umbra uses in many of its product designs. The one metre square modular panels were suspended from the building on a metal framework which has given a new form to the building. Urbacon made this process cost effective by sourcing a manufacturer who was able to vacuum form the panels in a copolyester plastic suitable for exterior applications. Once the decorative design was created by routering holes, an innovative fastening system was developed to secure the panels to the metal framework.

This affordably unique and durable solution superbly transformed a once non-descript industrial building into a translucent building of significance.